In December 2003, The Wah Yan One Family Concert was organised by a group of alumni of both Wah Yan College, Hong Kong & Kowloon. Upon realising the needs of their Alma Mater, they had gotten together to plan, produce and perform on that wonderful occasion to raise much needed fund for both Schools.


This dedicated group of alumni, from both Wah Yan College, Hong Kong & Kowloon, had developed a deep sense of camaraderie reaffirming the Wah Yan identity. This further inspired their desire to nurture closer ties between the two Wah Yan College with the vision of unfolding the latent potentials of the students through co-operation and competition.

Building on the success of the Concert, and the subsequent spirit and support generated, the same group of alumni, with further support and contribution from other Wahyanites, had formed The Wah Yan One Family Foundation. The objectives of The Foundation will be to render assistance to both Wah Yan College, Hong Kong & Kowloon, in their continuing strife of bringing quality education to future generation of Wahyanites.

The Wah Yan One Family Foundation hereby pledges our commitment to foster the academic excellence and personality growth of the Wahyanites in the pursuit of their dreams.

Birth of one family
a testament to our common roots


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