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Hong Kong Cultural Centre Notice

Admission and Opening Arrangement of Venue

Starting from November 1, except for exempted persons, all persons will be required to use "LeaveHomeSafe" mobile application to scan the venue QR code before they are allowed to enter the Hong Kong Cultural Centre (HKCC).  Under the new arrangement, persons who are aged below 12 or aged 65 or above and those with disabilities that render use of the app difficult will be exempted from the requirement of using the app when they enter the HKCC. Exemptions will also be granted to individual persons depending on the actual circumstances. All exempted persons are required to complete a record form to register their names, the first four digits or letters of their identification documents, their contact numbers and the date and time of their visits. They are also required to present relevant identification documents for verification at the request of the staff on-site during registration. The staff will also verify the contact numbers by making phone calls.

The number of audience members allowed in major facilities of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre including the Concert Hall, Grand Theatre and Studio Theatre remains at 85% of the original capacity.  Consecutive seats are limited to six.  The capacity of minor facilities such as rehearsal rooms, practice rooms and function rooms also remains at 85% of the original capacity.  Visitor flows in exhibition facilities are limited by arranging quotas.  Children under 12 are only allowed to enter exhibition facilities when accompanied by an adult.  All venue users/audiences are required to put on their own masks.

Please click here for the maximum number of users of the major, minor and exhibition facilities and admission notes.








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